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friend request: garganega

add-as-friendGarganega is a white grape mostly found in the Veneto region in northeastern Italy, and the predominant grape in the smaller Soave region there. Recently we headed down to Chinatown to have a (huge) dinner to drink through a bunch of wine from Soave:

soave wine tasting

Garganega can throw off a lot of lemon and white florals. It’s pretty mild, very refreshing, great with fish. In Soave, they mostly just use Garganega grapes but a little Pinot Bianco, Trebbiano di Soave (Verdicchio), and Chardonnay are also put into blends sometimes.

It was hyper-popular in the 70s – the most famous being Soave Bolla in the US, whose label has really gotten a cool modern update. But then Soave wound up being mass-produced and pretty lackluster so there was a big backlash.  Now they’ve upped their quality in the past decade or so by focusing more on Garganega, and it’s actually a great light wine option for summer.

A few other fun facts:

  • In 1931, Soave became the first declared wine region (along with Chianti) in Italy.
  • Soave accounts for 4% of all Italian wine and has 60 Crus.
  • Only one of the wines out of the 6 we tasted was over $20, so it’s a really affordable option.
  • It’s also good with BBQ Pringles. We did a huge Soave dinner in Chinatown and had tons of fish, but the star pairing of the night was this duck bun and BBQ Pringle situation.
photo 3

getting ready to make our little BBQ duck pillows from heaven

Take a closer look - crispy duck skins and BBQ Pringles!

Take a closer look – crispy duck skins and BBQ Pringles!

Voila! All blended together for palate perfection.

Voila! All blended together for palate perfection.

Here were my two faves from the dinner tasting:

photo 1 (2)

Great balance of citrus, green apple and acid but also pretty elegant. Plus, Suavia Soave is the most fun to say. $18

photo 2

A little more apple and almond, lots of white florals, super easy going down. $20

And after the dinner, we got little fun packages sent to us for Pringles/Soave fun at home.

photo 4 (2)


5 thoughts on “friend request: garganega

  1. Lovely! I just posted about the Tre Venezie region and have a Virtual Party going on right now featuring Soave Classico! I’ve only had a few wines from Soave but they are lovely indeed! I didn’t know it was the first wine region (along with Chianti) – very interesting!!

  2. Dad & I are always looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Was it a good one? If so, what’s the name. xo Mom

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