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justify my love – of wine!

Tomorrow is Madonna’s birthday. And after 56 years of life on earth, here’s what she’s decided are a few of her favorite things, as detailed in a recent Instagram pic:

madonna wine favorite things

WHAT A GRAPEFRIEND! Looks like she’s drinking rose (hey, it’s August, I’m with her). But here are a few other wines she should be drinking while singing “Justify My Love (of Grapes!)”.


Madonna often teeters on the border of controversy and just good dancy fun. Keep on pushing your pop and your palate over the borderline with a great off-dry Riesling. Half sweet, half acidic, these are some of the greatest wines ever.

don’t tell me (to stop drinking)

Sometimes you just want a day of porch pounding, sidewalk slamming, rooftop rocking. Obvs, we know we have to go with an easy-drinking Provencal rose here.

into the groove-ner

Gruner is so groovy with its grassy white pepper. A weird bird that’s not quite like anything else – sounds perfect for Madge, right?


Gotta go with an ice wine here. In Canada and Germany, they pick grapes in the middle of the night when they’re frozen to concentrate the sugar. You’re left with a silky, amazing dessert wine. Try Peller or Inniskllin.

ray of light-ly oaked

We’re all so not into Chardonnay oak bombs, but in Burgundy they allow just the right amount of oak for the level of acidity and ripeness in their grapes. As one of the greatest pop stars of all time, Madonna should be drinking one of my favorite wines of all time: Chassagne Montrachet.


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