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rosé week continues, with yes way rosé

photo 2 (1) You know rosé really is having a moment when there’s an entire Instagram devoted to it. Love Yes Way Rosé’s style, because anyone who pairs wine to Rob Base lyrics is my kind of grapefriend. I asked the YWR’s founders Erica and Nikki about their #summerwater obsession.

What do you think is the most awesome thing about rosé?

In no particular order, the most awesome things are the delicious taste, the beautiful pale-pink color, and the way just the presence of a bottle can inspire incredibly good vibes.

What have you discovered about rosé since you started YWR?

We’ve learned a great deal about how rosé is made, the different countries it’s produced in, and the different regions and vineyards in Provence. We’ve also learned there are a ton of people who share our enthusiasm for rosé.

How did the term #summerwater come about? 

When we started really getting into rosé a few summers ago, the many ways in which we love it became a regular topic of conversation. Summerwater simply came about during one of those conversations at dinner one night. Our other friends thought it was pretty funny and it became the first hashtag we used for Yes Way Rosé.

photo 1 (1)What’s your go-to rosé for porch-pounding/rooftop swilling? 

A box of Vrac. It’s a really beautiful (and sometimes dangerous) thing.

Do you get a ton of free rosé now?

Not a ton, but it’s happened and is pretty mind-blowing.

If Ryan Gosling told you he didn’t drink rosé, would your crush die a little?

We have no doubt RG could learn to love rosé, just give us 5 minutes with him.

Would you even consider dating a guy who wouldn’t drink rosé?

That’s the ultimate deal breaker. No way.

Rosé has had a moment this summer – what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?

There are some pretty funny photos on Instagram of people who have used the #yeswayrosé hashtag. There’s one of a group of girls in their underwear which is pretty beyond.  When we showed our guy friends they were like, “Hold on, we need to take this in for a (2)

Have you had any other wine but rosé this summer?

Probably a glass of white or champagne when rosé wasn’t on the menu.

Do you drink rosé outside of summer?

Yes. We really feel it’s a seasonless drink that happens to peak in the summertime.

What’s the best rosé you’ve ever had in your life? 

There are so many incredible rosés that we’ll say the best is yet to come!



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