the white sangria summer rule

A new summer rule has been established: you must have a few pitchers of white sangria before Labor Day. First, it’s totally refreshing. Second, it’s therefore sooo much cooler than red sangria. Third, is there anything better than wine-soaked fruit???

white sangria recipe

I put this up on Instagram and Twitter yesterday and everyone was asking for the recipe. I actually had this at Pier I, but here’s how I’d make white sangria. My one key element: simplicity. Don’t gunk it up with multiple types of alcohol. And don’t add fruit juice or club soda – that just dilutes the glorious wine, and if you’re not making this to catch a buzz you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

As for what kind of wine to use (obviously white), pick a type that matches the fruit you’re using. Cantaloupe and yellow apple: Chardonnay. Apricot and peach: off-dry Riesling. Yellow apple and pear: Pinot Gris. Green apple and green melon: Orange and tangerine: Muscat. Strawberries: try a light rosé! I’m also not opposed to Prosecco to get some sparkle (wouldn’t waste good Champagne if you’re putting stuff into it), and then you gotta go peach.

white sangria

  • 2 bottles white wine (see note above)
  • 1/2 cup superfine sugar
  • Cut up fruit (My faves are peach and cantaloupe, but whatever strikes your fancy really. Also, see wine note above if you want to match fruit to your wine instead of the other way around – very grapefriendy.)
  • 1/2 cup brandy (this makes it fancy, but you might not have brandy lying around so just skip it if you don’t – you’re feeding people wine and fruit, they’ll be happy)
  • Ice (it’s hot out there!)

Feeds 4. So you’ll probably need to make a few pitchers, cause that’s what outside summer drinking’s all about.

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7 thoughts on “the white sangria summer rule

  1. Maybe you can help me out. Two summers ago we did a wine tour (not really sure why) to muscadine wineries (really bad idea). At each winery my ever so lovely bride bought a bottle. All four bottle are still in my wine cellar. We were thinking of doing sangria with them. Any recipe ideas?

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