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Albariño of the day: Pazo Señorans 2013

Did a vertical tasting at Pazo Señorans, an absolutely gorgeous winery built in the 14th century in Rias Baixas. It’s always great to taste the same wine from different years side by side to really see the nuances. And with Albariño, it’s a rare thing since most is drunk young. That said, we’ve had a few older vintages this trip and they can hold up.

I still tend to like the crispy, fresh acidity of the young ones though, which is probably why I liked the 2013 best in this flight. It had a super peachy and light apricot aroma that was delicious on first sniff. Lots of yellow apple and white floral taste, with great acid that kept coming in waves. Very elegant, too, with a rounder mouthfeel. It was pretty similar to the 2010, which was just a bit lusher from the extra age.

Also, was great with potato chips.


Totally gorgeous digs:







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