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perfect pink bubbles for spring

perrier jouet spring nycIt’s finally spring!!! The flowers, the dresses, the sandals, and now special spring Champagne!

Perrier Jouet just created a cuvee entriely inspired and dedicated to spring. I like this kind of thinking both for its warm-weather mental space and its rose-sipping mental space.

perrier jouet edition premiere

The Edition Premiere (must be said with fun frilly French accent) has a very light pink tint – more peach thank pink really, but either color is springy. It’s made with 90% Chardonnay Grands Crus and 10% Pinot Noir, which gives it the light pink color.

photo 4

They describe it as a “delicate spring bouquet” with scents of elderflower, peach, Yuzu zest, and Morello cherries. I’m obsessed with specific tasting notes that include crazy fruits, so just included theirs. (I just got some strawberry, maybe a hint of raspberry – clearly, my fruit repertoire is more limited and definitely more quotidian).

Anyway, it was great to taste the new bubbly and ring in spring. I inadvertently paired my outfit to match the pink bubbles. I. LOVE. 2

photo 3







6 thoughts on “perfect pink bubbles for spring

  1. I just read this whole post with a “fun frilly French accent”. 🙂 I’ll be having a Cremant d’Alsace Rose tonight, but I hope I get to try this special edition, too!

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