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terminator wine – james cameron buys a vineyard


who needs an oscar when you have a winery?

James Cameron is a grapefriend! He just bought Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery in British Columbia, the latest and grapiest addition to his other sustainable farmland holdings all around the world (including a walnut farm in New Zealand).

Beaufort’s a pretty small vineyard with only 8 acres and a production of 2,000 cases. They make some regular wines like Cab and a Pinot Noir rosé (yum), but have a bunch of kind of wackier stuff: a red blend of  Leon Millot, Marechal Foch & Cab-Foch (haven’t had any of those, but they describe it as “earthy”), a traditional method sparkling red also made from that red blend, and a fortified fruit wine mad from Beaufort Estate & west coast blackberries and Comox Valley blackcurrants.

Pretty interesting. TBD if they’re interesting enough to drink them and say “I’ll be back.”


4 thoughts on “terminator wine – james cameron buys a vineyard

  1. This is interesting since I live in British Columbia. Comox valley is not in the “prime” wine growing area of the south Okanagan region of the province where 90% of BC wines are grown. so maybe he was looking for a scenic location.

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