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tiesto drank my dream wine

Never heard of Tiesto? Then this is when you should start saying “I’m so old.” He’s one of the most famous DJs in the world, with 2.55 million followers on Twitter and 659k on Instagram. (And since we’re all steeped in the Olympics right now, I’ll point out that he performed at the Athens Opening Ceremonies in 2004.) Most people would probably think of stuff like Red Bull and vodka as the drink of choice in the EDM world (if you’re looking that up, again say “I’m so old”), but Tiesto shared out this photo last night: 

photo (1)

As you may recall, Petrus is my dream wine – haven’t had yet but dying to try. It’s from Bordeaux and all Merlot, supposedly the greatest expression of Merlot anywhere. (Every once in a while they add 5% or less of Cabernet Franc.) The 1982 vintage runs around $5000 a bottle, if you can find it and aren’t bidded up at auction.

Anyway, if you drink a killer wine and have that huge of a following it gets a lot of people talking about wine.

petrus wine

Love it. One of Tiesto’s fans had to be a party pooper and point out that 1982 wasn’t the best year – let’s take it to the experts who blind-tasted two bottles:

“Aromas of mocha and menthol; a penetrating middle palate with good but not outstanding richness; hints of herbs and mushroom; and substantial, slightly drying tannins. The second bottle was better but still not up to the reputation of this vintage: Full medium-deep red. Very sweet, almost syrupy nose of cherry, chocolate and roast coffee. Fat and silky but with its fruit element rather suppressed. Hugely tannic, even a bit dry, on the end.”

Conclusion: “This is a very good but hardly stellar vintage for Petrus.” I’m sure I’d be in Tiesto’s camp saying it’s the best wine I’ve ever had.


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