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petrus: my moby dick

Supply and demand. That’s pretty much why some wine is ridiculously expensive. I have an insane respect for the people who work in vineyards selecting the best grapes one by one and for the winemakers who are basically artists and scientists and farmers all in one and work to make the best wine possible. Still, thousands of bucks for one bottle of wine—that better be an experience.

So this leads me to Petrus. It’s one of the most famous wines in all of Bordeaux. It’s pretty much all Merlot (with a tad Cabernet Franc sometimes). And actually, calling it my Moby Dick is a bit of a lie. It hasn’t been “elusive” since it’s never really been in reach. It’s not like I’m out on a normal night and someone’s always like “Oh, we just finished the Petrus, have some random Saint-Émilion instead.” (That’s another Bordeaux that doesn’t suck either.)

A little fact: The producers of Sideways originally wanted Miles’ favorite wine to be Petrus. Owner Jean-Pierre Moueix (I mean seriously, could that name be more French) told Slate, “Quite a few film scripts cross my desk and I vaguely recall Sideways asking for permission to use Petrus. I am afraid that at that time, I found the script unexciting and declined.” I know, I know—that sounds a little lame. But as you may recall, Miles did not like Merlot very much. He may have, oh, even said something to the effect of:

So perhaps we can forgive Monsieur Le French for being so French and just drink his wine. Sure. Comes in at a mere 4000 bones for the 2005 vintage. Worth it? I don’t know, I’ve never had it! So I’m starting a Petrus Fund.

Please donate if you’d like to make someone (potentially) very happy. Part of me thinks $4000 for one bottle is absurd. And of course the rest of me is dying to buy it and drink it and see if I think it’s worth it. Because it could be. And I do love Bordeaux…

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