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the music of the bubbly

Nothing like hanging out with someone whose family makes some of France’s best Champagne.

photo 1Clovis Taittinger, who commutes from Paris to his family’s estate in Champagne every day, was in NYC for a few days and luckily opened some bottles with me. He travels almost every week, all over the world, and had just gotten back from the SAG Awards in LA. He opened the red carpet by toasting with Elizabeth Rohm from American Hustle (still haven’t seen, ridiculous!), which is a totally appropriate movie since the Nocturne bottle wrap looks like a purple disco ball. Obviously, at night people are popping in all manner of clubs and parties so a disco ball makes sense. But someone else said the shades of purple also reflect the different ripening stages of the red grapes in the Champagne. I like both theories, and like the Nocturne Champagne even more. Super delicate and light, always love making a new bubbly friend. It’s 40% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier (the Meunier often has something to do with its delicate florals).

photo (3)

We also tried the Brut La Francaise which I’ve had many times before, the Millesime 2005, and the Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005. Not bad for one sitting, right? My favorite out of those three was the Millesime – deep, lush yellow apple that went fantastic with my tuna sashimi. Clovis ordered a burger and fries, and I have to point that out because 1) Champagne and fries are one of the best pairings ever and 2) goes to show that good Champagne even holds up to red meat (lots of people even drink it with steak). 

Clovis describes Champagne as “musical” and that’s about the best description for it I’ve heard in a while. Pop a bottle and turn up some good tunes.

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