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the real scandal: olivia pope drinks fake wine

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how they’re all Olivia Pope-ish as they grab a glass of red wine and settle in to watch the new episode of Scandal. Fine, all for any show that gives grapes their rightful place in a scene. I’m used to shows employing various techniques to hide bottle labels, and have become pretty damn good at detecting what they are anyway (see: all my Mad Men wine posts). Obviously, I had to get my Pope on and investigate this.


This is really far more offensive than some political wiener  blowing up his office with ugly private parts pics.

In Episode 4 this season, where Noel from Felicity (don’t know his Scandal name, don’t feel like looking it up) is consoling Olivia with some red wine, they’re drinking “California Oak” wine.

olivia pope wine scandal

pope wine scandal

This is not a real wine. Also, ew. “California” oak? People make wine with French oak or American oak. Oak for American barrels is grown in 18 different states, mostly in the Midwest, the Appalachians, and Oregon. Many California wines use (and overuse) oak while aging their wines. But the oak isn’t from California.

In the next episode, she’s drinking another wine but even Detective Grapefriend can’t figure out what it is. Anyone?

photo 3

olivia pope wine scandal

The following episode, she’s back to the fake California Oak. I see that “C” on the label edge, don’t even try…

olivia pope scandal red wine glasses

As if all this isn’t scandalous enough, Kerry Washington recently told the Post she doesn’t even drink herself. “Who needs those empty calories?” Oh I’m sorry, what do you spend your caloric intake on – broccoli??? Like that’s better than wine?????????????????????? No. For god’s sake, no.

Also, it kind of grosses me out how Olivia’s always like downing the glass.

olivia pope red wine

Sip, Olivia. Enjoy. Take your whole deal down a notch. Has she ever laughed on any episode? She’s always so down and weepy. She’ll drink wine with you, but is never any fun at all. She’s Bummer Friend.

This, however, is hilarious:


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32 thoughts on “the real scandal: olivia pope drinks fake wine

  1. I’ve never seen this show. But now I may need to so I can see her chug-a-lug some “California Oak”…hahaha. Maybe the producers will read your post – we’ll know if she shows up with a Châteauneuf-du-Pape on the next episode. 😉

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  3. Hahahahahaha….on the “unidentified” wine..fake label. The nursing home in Florida that was home for my mother-in-law some years back once gave us a bootle of red(cheap and gross) wine as a consolation for poor service and it had a very professional looking label with their name on it. I’ll bet the labels cost more than the swill..for their transgressions they should have been giving out 50 year old Scotch.

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  7. So funny. When you has originally posted this I did not watch Scandal yet, but in trying to figure out the name of the elusive favorite wine du bonnet? deux bonne? whatever I came across this. Writing my own scandalous thoughts today. 🙂

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