happy happy hour!

18 thoughts on “happy first fire happy hour

  1. What? How did you know that I fired up the inexcusably pathetic gas fireplace tonight? What I drink is pretty much what I drink all year except for the real; true heat of summer – something red – right now a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

  2. Where are you that you need a fire already? DC is ‘cold’ but not too bad yet. I like crisp…which can lead to various wines, darn. I lean a TINY bit white in the summer. I am growing a small liking for Cabs so this fall/winter will be my reason for exploring them more.

  3. We will only have forest fires for some time to come. But I have found the perfect wine for this not fall not summer time. People’s Wine Revolution Bea’s Rose, dark in color, light in flavor, lovely chilled!

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