happy happy hour!

happy first fire happy hour


It’s the first fire of the season! I actually loathe cold weather. The only saving grace is that it’s awesome for fires and red wine drinking. Tonight, Cab.

What do you drink in the fall?


18 thoughts on “happy first fire happy hour

  1. What? How did you know that I fired up the inexcusably pathetic gas fireplace tonight? What I drink is pretty much what I drink all year except for the real; true heat of summer – something red – right now a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

  2. Where are you that you need a fire already? DC is ‘cold’ but not too bad yet. I like crisp…which can lead to various wines, darn. I lean a TINY bit white in the summer. I am growing a small liking for Cabs so this fall/winter will be my reason for exploring them more.

  3. We will only have forest fires for some time to come. But I have found the perfect wine for this not fall not summer time. People’s Wine Revolution Bea’s Rose, dark in color, light in flavor, lovely chilled!

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