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no more rolling wine bottles

Grapefriends have all been there: you get a bottle of wine, lay it down in the fridge to chill it (because it never fits standing up on your top shelf), and then it just rolls all over the place (though hopefully not onto the floor – which has happened to me).

Anyway, then I found this Vine stand and my life has changed.


You stick this little stand onto the neck of the bottle and it keeps it in its place. It’s like wine bottle discipline. They call it a Vine, which is kind of a confusing name since it’s too wine-broad and also there’s a whole social platform called Vine, but that’s just my two cents. But, I really don’t care since it’s so useful.

It’s $7.99 for two and you can buy them on which is a pretty cool site featuring little useful products regular people have invented. The Vine inventor is obviously a grapefriend, so we love him.

BTW, in no way is the photo above of my actual fridge. First of all, I have about 30 bottles of wine in my regular fridge (in addition to two wine fridges, for which I don’t need the Vine stands). Secondly, my actual fridge has wine stacked on top of rice boxes and certainly doesn’t have any room for fresh grapes and eggs. Just keeping it real haha:

photo (5)


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