grape juice

you deserve a grape today, aquarium!

People and places are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but grapefriends have come to the rescue!

The New York Aquarium was badly damaged by Sandy – they finally reopened on a partial basis in May and plan to be fully reopened in spring – of 2016! That’s a long time. They’ve already raised $100,000 but need more help. So Sip for The Sea will happen next Thursday, September 12, from 6-9pm at the Central Park Zoo (how cool). Tickets for the event are tax-deductible and start at $200.


Now if you’re thinking, “Well, hey, I could buy a lot of wine with $200!” then this is your night. There will be lots of Hess wine (which is all sustainable) since they’re the top sponsor of the event, as well as wines from a few other places and food from some great NYC restaurants (but who cares about food, grapefriends just want wine!).

You can buy tickets or donate here. It’ll be better than Shark Week.


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