happy happy hour!

happy fantasy draft happy hour

It’s draft night! Seriously, the old beer and football pairing can suck it. This is how we do it at Grapefriend HQ.

fat bastard football

The plan was to get some other people from my league over and ply them with tons of wine so that when the draft starts they’ll be wasted and I’ll be able to grab all of the players I want. I’d name them but they might be reading this. Anyway, the plan is in action!

OK gotta prep. It stresses me out. The wine helps.

And who’s psyched for Football Week??? Starts September 9, right here on grapefriend. Until then, you can read up on all the past Football Week fun:






18 thoughts on “happy fantasy draft happy hour

  1. I don’t belong to a league…I’m more of a college football gal, but I’m very excited for the new season of “The League” to start! You can bet I’ll be drinking wine while I watch it!

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