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drink me: chateau montelena riesling

chateau montelena rieslinggrape: Riesling. I love spicy food, and there is one wine and one wine only that I want with spicy food: Riesling.

producer: Chateau Montelena. I didn’t even know they made a Riesling, because they’re incredibly famous for their Chardonnay that beat the French in the Judgment of Paris in 1976. But I loved this Riesling!

country: USA

region: Potter Valley, CA

year: 2012

yum factors: Very light and the perfect amount of sweetness – not overpowering, just there for balance. It’s not as searingly acidic as German, or Alsatian Rieslings which I love, but this is like a more gentle, more floral version of it and still really, really delicious.

food pairing: Kung Pao chicken wings at The Monarch in Chicago. You’re all into the wings’ spicy, crunchy deliciousness and then kung POW! Like an explosion you get the Riesling’s slight sweetness, acid and the wing spice all being amazing together.

price: $25

buy it: here


16 thoughts on “drink me: chateau montelena riesling

  1. Now I finally know what wine to have with spicy food. Thank you, this is wonderful, as I am usually at a loss for what to drink when I eat spicy foods.

  2. I visited Chateau Montelena a couple of years ago on a vacation to California. I bought a couple of bottles of their Riesling. I so should make a nice spicy dinner sometime soon and open one of my bottles. 🙂

  3. I wrote about this the other day and agree, it’s nearly always a Riesling with spicy food although I do also enjoy a good Gewurztraminer with Thai. I like a little sweetness with Thai but prefer a dry and subtle Riesling with good acid structure to go with Indian, and even discovered a couple of reds that go with Afghan, being lighter spiced cuisine.

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