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you deserve a grape today, katy perry!

The VMAs will always offer a mix of bad performances, provocative performances, and amazing performances. Hands down, Katy Perry won that last one. From the boxing ring and boxer dancers to the incredibly inspiring song to the gorgeous shots under the Brooklyn Bridge, the performance was my favorite of the night by FAR. And Katy’s just so cute, I love her!

katy perry roar vmaAll night people kept saying “Roar” is her biggest hit yet, which I thought was weird because a) it just came out and b) we’re talking about someone who’s had humongous hits like “Firework” and “Teenage Dream” (although I’m partial to “Last Friday Night”). But apparently “Roar” sold over 509,000 digital copies in its first week alone, and is still going strong – roaring along, one might say…

I don’t have a shred of evidence that Katy drinks wine, but that won’t stop me from giving her a grape. And after last night’s performance, I’d have to give her a wine that packs a punch – Amarone! It’s an Italian wine made from Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes, but it’s an intricate process where the grapes are dried out first and then fermented, giving it a bold, concentrated flavor with a touch of sweetness. Very Katy.

She also deserves a grape because she’s the exact opposite of this:

miley vma 2

Sorry to even mar your eyes with that on a fine Monday morning. In that performance , we were all like:

will smith miley reaction

But then Katy made us smile and give us hope for humanity again and just be like:

katy-perry-vma game over


4 thoughts on “you deserve a grape today, katy perry!

  1. I love Amarone!! We sell it at the Japanese restaurant where I work. It goes really well with Wagyu meat (also known as Kobe) And yes, Miley… I don’t know what she was thinking! Horrible and sad how some young women feel they have to behave that way to be popular.

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