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paella feast provisions

So last night’s dinner was amaze. After we tasted through a bunch of Frank Family wines, we had a massive paella feast! This guy Gerard cooked it all for us, and he actually beat Bobby Flay in a paella throwdown so you knew it was gonna be insane.


First we got this sick spread of cheeses, fruit, and killer garlic-saffron shrimp, which did not suck with their Blanc de Noirs (all-Pinot sparkling).


Then we basically just stalked Gerard as the paella bubbled. Some of his secrets: excellent saffron, hot spice, and no stirring (has to form the hard soccarat bottom). He added the ingredients by layers and let them each sit for about 10-15 minutes; it got prettier and prettier til finally it was time to eat. 20130716-093223.jpg20130716-093256.jpg20130716-093317.jpg

I liked the Winston Hill Cabs and Petite Sirah best in the tasting before dinner, but surprisingly the best pairing was the Sangiovese. The gritty and rough spice was close to Spanish reds in that way and held up like a champ to the paella.


Gorgeous dinner next to the vineyard. I love wine country.



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