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drink me: inman chardonnay

photo 1grape: Chardonnay

producer: Inman. Known more for their Pinot Noir (which is also great) although I’m also a huge fan of their rosé (sadly sold out), but was floored by this Chardonnay.

country: USA

region: Russian River Valley, Sonoma. This isn’t a region known for restrained Chardonnay – they tend to be big bombs of butter and cream.

year: 2011

yum factors: Many Sonoma Chardonnays are very oaky and all you taste is butter and cream. Not this one. Crisp and refreshing with gorgeous lemon, yellow apple, and stoniness. Flavorful but very elegant.

geek out: This was aged in new and old oak barrels, but Kathleen Inman said the tight grain of the wood lets the wine breathe without imparting too much oak flavor. Also the barrels had a medium + toast, and apparently the higher the toast the lesser the oak influence. So much to know about oak and barrels, winemakers need about 18 knowledge sets, it’s amazing.

price: $35

buy it: here.

We paired it with a lovely lunch made almost entirely from Kathleen’s garden next to the vineyards. The carrot-squash slaw was amazing for a summer salad – julienne them, add radish and some lime vinaigrette!

photo 2


5 thoughts on “drink me: inman chardonnay

  1. Oooh! While I do love a buttery Chard, I’m always on the lookout for good ones that aren’t and can still maintain my interest. I will be on the lookout!

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