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that’s how you roll with lobster and wine

lobster rollsA few wines are pretty much perfect for lobster. I love a light, minerally Chardonnay from Burgundy – nothing gets in the way of the white fish and it’s elegant and simple. A pale Provencal rose is great for cold seafood lunches on the water- just something low in alcohol that washes it down and adds to your fun. And Muscadet is also a shellfish go-to because it’s acidic, crisp and clean, mildly fizzy and almost a bit salty.  It’s from theLoire region and made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape. People say it’s the perfect accompaniment to oysters, and it is quite awesome with them although I prefer Champagne. But it’s also pretty great for a lobster roll lunch.

Btw, lobster rolls are so easy to make. Just mix lobster chucks, a tiny bit of mayo, salt and pepper and put it into toasted, buttered buns. YUMNESS.

6 thoughts on “that’s how you roll with lobster and wine

  1. Oh, sounds yummy! Being in the middle of the desert (Las Vegas) lunches on the water, are a little hard to come by. My neighbors have a wading pool for their kids, though …

  2. Looks like the lunches we’ve been eating in the Gaspésie region of Quebec this past week. They add chopped lettuce to their lobster rolls as well.

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