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rooftop rosé!

It’s not quite Rosé Week yet, but grapefriend is gearing up! Stop #1: my birthday, which I kicked off with this guy!laurent perrier rose

Have been sampling roses like a fiend for some stories I’m working on. A few grapefriends got to share in the grapey bounty, and one amazing grapefriend supplied her roof for the festivities. All in all, an amazing night where people got to try a lot of different rosé styles, so I started to take pics of everyone with their fave. photo 3

photo 4photo 1photo 2Anyway, after that people starting pouring in (after the pouring of the rain) and my phone had to get co-opted into being the playlist player (and if you’re on Spotify, you definitely want to check out my KILLER playlist called “rooftop rosé” – sooooooooooo good!). I had to play bartender and leave it to everyone else to shoot pics, but I cribbed these from all of my grapefriends’ Instagrams!photo 1

photo 2photo (7)photophoto (8)photophoto 5Wine always tastes best when you’re sharing it with friends. Til next year!

photo 4photo 3


13 thoughts on “rooftop rosé!

  1. Way to go, Grapefriend!
    Besides, your pictures bring back fond memories as it really looks like the building you partied at 😉 was the same I used to live in some 10 years ago! On West End behind the Lincoln Center, right? Cool! 🙂

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