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mad men wine: cry babies

After last night’s wine-drinking on Mad Men, I can be summed up like this:

Megan had ample opportunity to pop a cork when they came home from the movies; instead she just gave Don grief for pouring out a cocktail. Not that it wasn’t warranted.

Now we’re down to one episode left next week. I expect full-on grand cru celebrations. Or maybe even some non-French grapes. Waaah.

mad men waaah

Mad Men season 6 wine count: stays at 23

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3 thoughts on “mad men wine: cry babies

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  2. I just started watching Mad Men, season 1 last weekend. I was planning on taking a couple of seasons to watch while on a long summer vacation. I do hope it will be a good choice. I am loving the costumes and sets so far. No spoilers, I am only on episode 3.

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