ICYMI: weekly wine tweets and treats

If you’re not following grapefriend on Twitter, you may have missed these juicy grapes:


I was interviewed by Bon Appetit about one of my favorite grapefriendy posts – the Mad Men wine count! Screw Don and his Old Fashioneds – we got grapes! We also played a fun game matching the characters to different types of grapes (thought Betty was probably the easiest). So up my alley.gaja

Went to an excellent wine tasting at Le Bernardin where we got to taste 6 wines from Gaja, one of Italy’s most renowned producers. They have vineyards in Piedmont, Montalcino and Bolgheri, and make some pretty phenomenal wines. I loved the Barbaresco and the Rennina (all Sangiovese – rare that I love it!) the most. The Rennina’s anywhere from $100-150 depending on the vintage, and the Barberesco’s closer to $200. You know, just my usual Monday night bottle…


Thought this was pretty interesting: the legal blood alcohol level is higher in the US than most countries. Just one more reason why I dislike high-alcohol wines and am psyched that I live in NYC.  

lodi rose mccay onestaDid a great tasting of rosés from the Lodi region of California (southwest of Napa and Sonoma) – really good. Check back next month when I do Rosé Week to see which were my favorites. And also doing a Top 10 for Cosmo, so you’ll have plenty of pink to try in the upcoming summery weeks!
And last, a word from Stewie: photo
See ya Sunday for Mad Men live tweeting! Just follow @grapefriend for all the grapey fun.

20 thoughts on “ICYMI: weekly wine tweets and treats

  1. I believe I actually did the same Gaja tasting. The daughter, Gaia Gaja(if I’m spelling her name correctly) came to our restaurant. Gotta love doing a Gaja vertical 🙂

  2. Way to go with the interview! I started watching the show Scandal and totally thought of you because when they drink it’s always wine and I was curious how many appearances it made!

    • I was clued in that Olivia was a grapefriend too late. I don’t watch Scandal but did a post on it a few weeks ago about one of her wine scenes (she was drinking Bordeaux)!

      • Awesome! I will have to go back and check that out! I figured someone had clued you in on the Scandal/wine connection already, but I just thought it was funny that I thought of you when I realized how often they drank it on the show.

  3. what a fun interview. I completely agree with Betty being a Reisling!! I will totally start thinking of people in terms of wine now!

  4. Congratulations on the interview! That’s really pretty cool! I love wine. Love everything about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog on Wine Wednesday, btw. I’m trying to make that more of a recurring event so there will definitely be more. 🙂

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