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mad men wine: megan goes both ways

Finally! After two dry weeks, we are back on grapey track. Since this is so exciting, let’s get right to it.

Once again, we have Megan to thank. First, before dinner she poured Don some Canadian Club but already had some wine in her own glass.photo 1

No bottle in sight, but it was white. She’s often rocking the red Bordeaux and Burgundy, so I like that she goes both ways. Speaking of going both ways, that brings us to our next grape scene.

When Megan has Arlene over, Arlene hands her a bottle saying, “This was cold when I left.”photo 2

So we knew we were in white territory, but you really couldn’t tell what it was since there was no close up. As if that’s going to block grapefriend! After some sleuthing, I figured out it was Blue Nun.

photo (3)blue_nunAt first it threw me because current bottles of Blue Nun are blue with dark blue screw caps, and this one had a white foil. But after finding a vintage ad for it, looks like the old ones had white foil!

A few facts about Blue Nun:

1) It was super popular in the 60s. It’s a semi-sweet style of German wine called Liebfraumilch – made from Müller-Thurgau grapes and basically thought of as pretty crappy and low quality (way to go, Arlene!). Then in 1996, they repositioned the brand, stopped calling it Liebfraumilch, and added 30% Riesling so it wasn’t as sweet.

2) The Beastie Boys had an interlude track called “The Blue Nun” on their album Check Your Head. And you need to watch this video explaining why, which is definitely one of the best things you’ll see all week.

Anyway, on to our next grapes. Even though the Blue Nun was warm by the time Arlene walked across Central Park, Megan thankfully had already popped open better grapes. Much better in fact.photo 3

Once again I had to go deep on the investigation with this one. Obviously it was white, but all I could read was “Grand Cru” and something underneath which looked like “Les Clos.” Bam – Les Clos is one of the seven grand crus of Chablis.

photo (4)

So we got three wines: one at dinner and two on Arlene night.

Mad Men season 6 wine count: 22 

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8 thoughts on “mad men wine: megan goes both ways

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  2. Love the Beastie Boys tie in! I was a little surprised to find I actually still know that interlude by heart (was my fave album by them), but I never knew the story behind it.

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