cocktail friend: the gatsby champagne cocktail

photo (2)Since Gatsby’s set in Prohibition era, it’s all about the cocktails. Harrods is doing a pop-up bar for about two weeks, serving up cocktails that were popular during the 20s like Martinis and Hendrick’s Gin cocktails served in a fine china tea cup – kind of love it. And Moët & Chandon, which is actually in the movie’s huge party scenes, got a mixologist to create an official cocktail.

This Moët Imperial Gatsby has green chartreuse in it, which is what Gatsby serves to Nick and Daisy. Chartreuse is a naturally green liqueur flavored with extracts from 132 plants (which is where it gets its color from – the chlorophyll). Pretty apropos for a Gatsby cocktail since it’s symbolic of the green light of hope that Gatsby sees at the end of Daisy’s dock every night, right?

You can get the drink at The Plaza hotel, but here’s the recipe if you want to do it for your own Gatsby gala:


5 oz Moët Imperial
1 sugar cube soaked in .25 oz Green Chartreuse
One spiral lime twist

Also, just found this photo, which is pretty awesome:

leo bubbles


4 thoughts on “cocktail friend: the gatsby champagne cocktail

  1. My husband went through a cocktail making stage after our holiday in Greece, but we are back into wine now. I kind of miss the cocktails, but my son has shown an interest in making them after watching the Gret Gatsby, so there is hope still. Thanks for the recipe. It’s definitely worth a try.

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