ICYMI: weekly wine tweets

If you’re not following grapefriend on Twitter, you may have missed these amazing grape gems this week!

Did an awesome Twitter sake tasting with the winemaker for SakeOne. These two int he front were my faves – the SakeMoto had a kind of anise touch but mellow and complex, and the Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior had some super cool herbal, some fennel, almost brown leafiness. About $25. Btw, did you know sake doesn’t have any sulfites? And that you can hold it about 12-18 months once you buy it? And that you should drink it out of a white wine glass to get the full aromatics?


Chris Brown bought multiple $15k bottles of Ace of Spades and then danced shirtless on a table. I almost have no words. Chris Brown shirtless

A zillion (official number) photos of everyone at the Met Gala were posted, but I couldn’t find even one of the wine they drank. We’ll have to settle for Nicole Richie’s wine-colored lips. nicole richie wine lips

US Weekly broke the news that Chris Pine is a grapefriend: “Nothing beats a good bottle of red wine and some Italian food.” But duh, he was in Bottleshock:chris pine bottleshock wine

And gets his grape on – even doggie-bagging his leftovers – in real life too:

chris pine 2009

See ya Sunday for Mad Men live tweeting! Just follow @grapefriend for all the grapey fun.


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