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rihanna “po’s it the phuck up!!!” backstage

Rihanna posted these pics on Instagram late Friday night.rihanna wine

rihanna wine backstageShe may be wily about not showing the label, but I can 90% tell it’s Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. Singers’ backstage riders BAFFLE me. She’s a platinum artist and all she has is a $22 wine. True, maybe this wasn’t on her rider and was just brought by someone. But Riri, tell your friends to start bringing you better wine and you’ll pay them back.

After this post and the White House Correspondents Dinner one earlier, you can call me Detective Grapefriend.rihanna wine


3 thoughts on “rihanna “po’s it the phuck up!!!” backstage

  1. Well, it is the right wine to drink off the bottle, at least… Just think what sacrilege it would be if she drank a bottle of Petrus just like that, off the bottle, holding it by the neck, sitting on the floor… Serious wine calls for some drinking etiquette! Mayber her friends know that, hence their choice! 😉

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