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mad men wine: don & sylvia’s red wine omen

Sort of bored with this Sylvia affair. She seems too frumpy for Don. All of his other tryst women have at least been cool and/or intelligent in some way. She and her poofy hair just seem really lame and matronly. Her saving grace: she’s a grapefriend.

When they were at dinner (winner: clunkiest set-up to get Don and Sylvia alone), she was drinking red wine while Don ordered his usual Old Fashioned. I don’t think Arnold was drinking anything, but he was on call.photo 1

Then when Arnold leaves, Don doesn’t order wine for dinner but does the next best thing: asks her if she wants another glass or – HERE IT COMES – wants to split a bottle! Maybe he is in love! Click on the Vine link below to see this shocking scene:

Sylvia is smart enough to know Don is a grape enemy and winds up just getting another glass for herself (which Don ordered for her).mad men sylvia don wine

I don’t know what kind of wine it was, but she ordered branzino and I’d pretty much never have red wine with white fish. You want to go with a crisp white – some people would say Vermentino but I’m not a fan of most Italian whites, so I’d go for a dry, full Alsatian Pinot Gris or Riesling. Even Don’s steak diavolo would’ve been a bad match for her red, since spicy food and tannic wine don’t go well together. This wine is obviously a symbol of their mismatched relationship.

So we racked up two more glasses. I do find it odd that the biggest grapefriends on the show are all women (Megan, Betty, even Sylvia and Faye), and yet only very recently did women surpass men (52%) as bigger wine drinkers in the US. Take note, Weiner.

Mad Men season 6 wine count: 8

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5 thoughts on “mad men wine: don & sylvia’s red wine omen

  1. Great interpretation of the scene! I didn’t realize branzino was a white fish so I totally missed that point. Also I love how she caught his bluff about ordering the bottle!

  2. Ha! I hope I will be able to tempt you to taste some great Italian whites and see if you change your mind. There’s a lot of very good Italian whites that unfortunately are just not so well known. 🙂

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