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scandal IS scandalous

olivia pope wineI don’t watch Scandal but I might as well since everyone freaking talks and tweets about it so much. I also find it very odd that until recently no one brought to my attention that one of the main characters is a major grapefriend. That said, the show does a shit job of it.

I am horrified by this scene:

She opened “a Bordeaux that’ll bring tears” to his eyes – and then they never show which one??? It’s making me cry right now that we didn’t get any specific chateau love.

And how much does this Olivia person make? A Premier Cru like Mouton or Margaux from a good vintage will set you back a few thousand. But awesome for her if she’s spending her extra income on wine. She’s a grapefriend, but I’d like to see some specifics in upcoming eps. Until then, we’ll settle for this:



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