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throwback thursday: chic charade

charade audrey hepburn wineThis, from the opening scene of Charade, which was made in 1963 and still so good. Audrey’s having some déjeuner at Mont d’ Arbois in Megève, Switzerland. Local red wine there is made mostly from either Mondeuse or Gamay grapes, both make light red wine perfect for Alpine ski breaks. (Check out that vintage bottle of Evian too.)

Chic ski. Chic wine. Chic everything.

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17 thoughts on “throwback thursday: chic charade

  1. thanks for visiting my blog. Loved this piece. you know what they say – talk to me about Gamay grapes and I may forget, show me Audrey Hepburn and I’ll always remember (well, they dont really say it. I do)

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