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oh hey, just drinking from my WINE SIPPY CUP

As you know, mini wine sippy cups crack me up but this one is ten times better because it’s an actual glass inside the sippiness. (Still plastic though.) I wrote about these Vino2Go ones in my Holiday Gift Guide because honestly, other than wine, could there be a better gift? They were unfortunately sold out then – but no longer!wine sippy cup

I’m not gonna lie, it’s not like you’re drinking out of a handblown glass. But 1) it’s wayyyy more fun and 2) if you’re dealing with a situation in which you need a wine sippy cup (beach, boating, tailgaiting, stoop drankin’), are you really gonna be pouring Chateauneuf du Pape? No, you’re going for an easy breezy drinker, and you’re probably outside and pretty damn happy regardless of your grapes.

cool aerial view

cool aerial view

It’s $15.99 and comes in 10 colors, including the one I have (Merlot Red). I’m stoked to have one and not only can you get one too, but you can get one with a 10% grapefriend discount! The people at The Product Farm made a special code just for grapefriends – enormously exciting. Just hit and enter “grapefriendvino” to get 10% off the awesome wine sippy cup or any product on the site now through April 26. Super cool of them.

Tag me in pics if you get one and use it!

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27 thoughts on “oh hey, just drinking from my WINE SIPPY CUP

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  2. Ironic. A couple months ago I spilled Pinot Noir on my friend’s new carpet, breaking one of her new wine glasses. I’ve taken to using a travel coffee cup when I’m at her place drinking anything red. Your blog’s great fun. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. This cup would be perfect for all the places I drink wine where I’m really not supposed to drink wine! Movie theaters, playgrounds, prison… ok, maybe not prison. Love your blog!

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