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why rachel zoe is the jesus of fashion

I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project last night, and when she was talking about how designers have to choose all of these different elements like material, accessory details, and color and bring them together into one piece, I was thinking it’s really similar to winemakers. They have to make decisions about grapes, barrels, temperature and a ton of other things and bring them all together harmoniously into what you wind up drinking. So just as I was thinking about that (and also about how Rachel’s constant use of this oddly-accented “ehmigod” this season was bugging me), this happened:

So yeah, grapefriend’s now a big fan. Meanwhile, she doesn’t seem to drink much Bordeaux. Because here she is drinking rosé:photo 1And here she is drinking white:

photo 2

She does have Bordeaux lipstick on here:photo 3

But I’ll take the turning pink into Bordeaux wine thing. She’s kind of like the Jesus of fashion.


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