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vintage: on tv, in my glass

Dukes of Melrose is my new fave show. Just premiered on Bravo this week and is about the guys who run the amazing vintage store Decades in LA. I used to have a major Decades problem. I was in LA every month or so for work and would never leave the city without a trip there (like even on my way to the airport). Many many many many dollars later, I really don’t regret most of my purchases there, especially not the ponyhair Jimmy Choo ankle boots (sum dropped shall remain between me and my credit card).

So I happened to have some Champagne with the Armand de Brignac people last night, and they were telling me that the Decades owners Christos and Cameron had the Brut ($300 a bottle) at their premiere party.photo

We had just finished a bottle of the Blanc de Blancs ($500), which I liked better than the Brut I’ve had. Creamier and fresher yellow apple. FYI, Armand de Brignac doesn’t make a vintage Champagne but that would’ve been perfect for the Decades party, right? At least regular Champagne is a blend of different vintages, so that kind of makes sense too…

Anyway, you could argue that $500 is a crazy amount to spend on Champagne, and you might win that argument. And the people on the show who claimed an addiction to Decades also spend crazy amounts of money on clothes. But what’s crazier? Which would you shell out major bucks for? I asked my friend Amy who’s a style writer and vintage whore – today she’s actually wearing a vintage cashmere sweater that she got from Decades – but also obsessed with Champagne.

Question posed: which would you buy – the stylist’s Prada bag ($650) they had on the show or the Ace of Spades Blanc de Blancs ($500) I had last night?prada bag

photo (1)Amy: “I’D TAKE THE BUBBLY…and whip it out strategically when I needed to impress people/butter them up for something I’m about to request (which happens weekly). Then I’d use the bottle as sculpture in my oh-so-glam little study.”

Smart, smart little grapefriend. She’s having dinner with Christos and Cameron on Wednesday and they can duke it out.

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