ICYMI: weekly wine tweets

If you’re not following grapefriend on Twitter, you may have missed these great grapey gems this week!

Katie Couric tweeted to ask what people thought about “wine play dates” http://ktie.tv/15vd1n6. Lately there’s been all this chatter about moms who need wine blah, blah, blah. Why are moms different? Grapefriends are grapefriends, mom dad, or whatever. Wine play dates sound fun to me – everyone deserves their wine, just don’t overdo it – whether you’re watching kids or not!katie couric wine playdates

To celebrate Jimmy Fallon’s fourth anniversary, Mariah Carey played champagne pingpong with Dom Pérignon Rosé and pink ping-pongballs. She didn’t score any points.mariah-carey-fallon dom perignon champagne

The trend of larger (wine-sized) beer bottles is part of what is being called the “wine-ification” of beer. Love it. http://nyti.ms/12p1bwU

Alison Pill and Jay Baruchel nixed their engagement – we might not care that much about them, but we do care that they were going to get married at an ice wine vineyard in Canada. No word on which one, but apparently it was one in Quebec and the two I love (Inniskillin and Peller) are in Ontario.  http://usm.ag/106y53U

The cut glass chandelier in the Ritz Carlton’s Eau Spa’s Relaxation Lounge is made with 301 wine glasses. It’s 1 of 6 in the world.ritz wine chandelier

And in light of the Jennifer Lawrence post, had to share this awesome pic from Tumblr:jennifer lawrence wine

See ya on Twitter!


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