pop grape

betsey, barbells and bubbles!

Although you see a ton of champagne at Fashion Week, you usually have to wait til the after-party. Not last night. Betsey Johnson debuted her new activewear line and had the models use bottles of bubbly as barbells! Grapefriend died.photo 2

Betsey led an aerobics class on the runway, which befuddled a lot of live Tweeters at first though they got very excited when everyone picked up the bubbly.

photo 3

photo 1Pics of Betsey’s Bubbly flooded Instagram:

photo 4photo 2 (2)Backstage they also had a DJ and a big bin of Prosecco, can’t tell what brand:

photo 5With all the Prosecco, not sure if they actually popped the Betsey bubbles and I don’t even know how they got them made or where they were from. But in this case I almost don’t care. It’s just awesome to see someone having so much fun on the runway – do you see what bubbly does to anyone anywhere?


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