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blue ivy’s birthday present was better than yours

from the new helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com

from the new helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com

I had some Downton business to take care of yesterday, but January 7 was Blue Ivy Carter’s first bday. And apparently, Papa Hov has set her up with a million-dollar nursery at the Barclay’s Center, where the Brooklyn Nets play (he’s a minority owner, if ya don’t know).

According to Us Weekly, this ridiculously-priced kid pad is in the basement of the stadium and is (obviously) stocked with toys. However, the most important feature is… a champagne bar!

dancing gwyneth_paltrow_jay_zNow, of course it’s stocked with Jay-Z’s fave, Ace of Spades. That’s what they were all drinking on stage at the New Year’s concert, including the much-maligned dancing Gwyneth. And reportedly they drank through $250,000 worth of it, including a 4-foot high 30-liter bottle.

But it would be cool if the nursery’s Champagne bar had a whole range of different bubblies to offer – some other Champagnes (Team USA celebrated with Moet last summer) or some American sparklers to show your bball pride. Give your kid some options, let her form her own palate! Alas, probably not gonna happen.


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