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spooky juice for hallowine!

The scariest wine is probably barfy flavorless Pinot Grigio, but in the spirit of Halloween let’s get a little spookier. Here are great wines to serve at or bring to any Halloween party, or just to drink at home alone Sandy-style (i.e. if you’re still without power).

talbott pinot noir, sleepy hollow vineyard

talbott pinot noir sleepy hollow vineyardIt’s rare that I like the less expensive option, but in this case I did. Both were good, but the Logan had a little more cherry personality going on. The other was smoother, but just a little less flavor. No idea why it’s $15 more, couldn’t find any info about that. Both were delicious though. Both were 2010: Logan, $25. Other, $40.

old ghost, old vine zinfandel

old ghost zinfandel wineZinfandel comes in a ton of styles, so it’s hard to know exactly what you’re going to get. This one’s a smooth cherry bomb from Lodi, a California region known for its Zins. 2010, $35

7 deadly zins

7 deadly zins wineAnother one from Lodi, and also pretty smooth with mild tannins. But the cherry on this one’s more black cherry and also has some cassis. An easy drinker. 2009, $15

boneshaker zinfandel

boneshaker wineYet another Lodi Zin (see?). Smells like coffee, tobacco leaves and blackberry. Tastes like ripe blackberry with a dash of cinnamon, and has a decent amount of acid to balance it. Yum, I liked this Zin the best! 2010, $25

incognito, red wine blend

incognito wineThis is a blend from Lodi that smells like cola – not Coke or Pepsi, just like generic cola. It has a good spicy black cherry flavor, and mild acid and tannin to balance it. 2010, $18

spellbound cabernet sauvignon

spellbound cabernet sauvignonVery smooth, almost too smooth. But it was my friend’s fave out of all these reds so who am I to dis it? Also, they served it at our hotel bar in Napa. That has nothing to do with anything really. 2010, $16

mischief and mayhem meursault

MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM MEURSAULT WINEThis is the lone white of the bunch, but it’s soooo good. This is how Chardonnay should always taste. Flinty, minerally, elegant, silky, delicious!!!! Meursault (and all white Burgundy) is pretty expensive stuff, so this one’s a steal for the price ($35).


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