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world series of bubbly: giants vs tigers

tigers celebrate fre brut

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

We’ve got our World Series, people! Who’s more excited than grapefriend? Well, a lot of people. But I AM excited to have our final champagne showdown (even though technically most teams have celebrated with sparkling wine, not Champagne, but I digress…).

Seems that our bubbly baseballers are pretty loyal to their brands. When the Tigers advanced to the World Series, they continued to pop the non-alcoholic (well, it’s under 0.5% alcohol) Fre Brut, which is about $7 a bottle. However, I did find out why. My cousin, a diehard Tigers fan, knows a little but more about the team and said a few of the players have had some alcohol issues. So now I think that’s sort of nice that they pop the FB. Phil Coke needs better aim though – apparently he whacked manager Jim leyland with a bottle. “Cokey apologized yesterday, but that’s OK,” Leyland told the Detroit News. “I told him if he saves about four more games, he can slice my head open.”

san fran giants mumm celebrate

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Ooook. So then last night, the San Francisco Giants won their thing (technical term) in Game 7.  As they have been all along, they celebrated with Mumm Napa, whose Brut Reserve is made from the traditional Champagne grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and goes for $38. The Giants last World Series win was two years ago – and they also drank Mumm Napa to celebrate each advancement. Superstitious, and drinking well! Mumm Napa gives them Brut Prestige bottles that have label imperfections (ie, can’t really sell them) – not a bad deal at all. I’d take any good bubbly with label probs.

Anyway, let the bubbliest team win!


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