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nakey royals everywhere – but only one gets wine!

You’d think Buckingham Palace was in the tropics what with how much the royals like to take off their clothes lately. First we got Prince Harry, rolling through Vegas like he suddenly thought he was on Girls Gone Wild. Then a mere few weeks later, Kate tries to trump him by sunbathing topless in France.

You know there’s got to be some fun royal rivalry going on. Kate’s like, “Oh yeah, Harry? You’re not the only rogue royal!” But you don’t win a contest just by being the last one to get nakey shots of yourself published in a tabloid. Oh no, you win by having a wine made in your nude honor!

prince harry rose naked royal blushRoyal Blush rosé wine is from Sheldon’s Wine Cellars (a wine store in Shipston-on-Stour, which is a small town north of Oxford). The grapes are Tannat which aren’t my fave – a little gruff, tannic, and sort of bitter but would probably be mellower in rosé form. The grapes are from France, and the wine’s described as “a vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries, laced with an exotic twist.” Kinda sounds like Harry, although then you’d probably want to add in some ginger taste notes haha!

Also, it’s pretty cheap (and isn’t that just so fitting for all of this tawdriness?): £7.50 and you can get it here.

This label is an ode to Harry and his pool stick, though I’m not sure I recall that particular photo. Harry looks a little gargoyle-ish here. Anyway, it was done by artist Dan Lacey, also known as @PainterPancakes.  Um, ok.

Only thing wrong with Royal Blush is I really don’t think Harry was blushing about his antics. I think he was pretty damn proud, had a great time, and only cared that he had to sit through a royal scolding. Maybe he got to pour out a glass of rosé while having to endure the tirade.


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