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true story: I poured my wine at the White House!

iron horse white house wineThe White House finally released the formula for their homemade beer (congrats, hopsfriends), but they still won’t reveal what wines they’re pouring at state dinners. Well Joy Sterling, CEO of Iron Horse, said that she was recently invited to the launch of the State Department’s Culinary Diplomacy Initiative, and she lived to tell the tale!

Some White House peeps think some of the toughest negotiations take place at these dinners so they want to up their food game. So Ambassador Capricia Marshall, who’s the U.S. Chief of Protocol, presented an American Chefs Corps with advisors like Rick Bayless. Heck, yeah. For the kickoff dinner, State Department Chef Jason Larson picked the Iron Horse 2007 Classic Vintage Brut and 2008 Wedding Cuvee to accompany the seafood and the heirloom bean and bacon tostadas that were served, and Joy got to go pour it out!

joy with state department chef jason larkin

She says, “I had the opportunity to speak with Ambassador Marshall and mentioned the concept of following up with a Vintners’ Corps, which she very diplomatically said was a ‘great idea,’ so I have high hopes.”

When Joy was heading down after the night was over, the elevator operator asked how it went and Joy said she thought it was brilliant. The elevator operator said, “Why yes, of course. Who doesn’t love food?”

Food??? I’m sure she meant who doesn’t love wine.


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