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cougar town: grapefriendiest tv show ever

So this promo just came out for the TBS debut of Cougar Town in January. These guys seem like they’d be actually fun to hang out with. Even if they weren’t, I’d get to have some pretty good wine as evidenced by the two wines in this promo.

The two wines they’re drinking are Faust Cabernet Sauvignon and The Prisoner. The Prisoner is a culty Napa wine, a blend of mostly Zin, Cab, Syrah. I’ve had it once and thought it was pretty good but very “jammy,” which basically means the fruit is really ripe and intense, potentially overpowering other aspects of a wine. People go crazy for it though (there’s even a Facebook group page). It’s made by Orin Swift and is $38. I haven’t had Faust but heard it’s good. This is also from Napa and is $55. However, it makes me a little sad because once I was in someone’s office and they opened a present they’d gotten from a client – it was a bottle of Faust and he didn’t know if it was good or not. I told him I heard it was. He put it on his window sill, where it remained, baking in the sun and basically getting ruined. It made me crazy! He still hadn’t taken it home the day I left that place. It’s probably still there, possibly cooked and undrinkable.

Anyway, I raise a Big Carl to this grapefriendy cast.

cougar town wine faust prisoner


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