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drink me: nobilo sauvignon blanc

nobilo icon sauvignon blancgrape: Sauvignon Blanc

producer: Nobilo

country: New Zealand

region: Marlborough, the most famous region in NZ for Sauv Blancs and rightly so

year: 2011

price: $23

yum factors: This is from their Icon line of wines, which is a little higher end and made from their best vineyards. Everyone says NZ Sauv Blancs have a gooseberry taste – I’ve never had a gooseberry, so I just describe it as some sort of mix of tangy grapefruit, cantaloupe and asparagus. Sounds bizarre, but it’s amazing! We made fresh pesto with basil and garlic form the garden and slathered it on some halibut – phenom pairing with the Nobilo!

buy it: here


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