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poolside grapes with diddy

Yes, you would rather be doing this right now:

diddy ibiza wine

from iamdiddy’s instagram

Diddy’s floating around in Ibiza; chances are you’re not. I’m not. For now, I’ll have to just settle for drinking some Spanish whites. Diddy didn’t name-call the wine, but we can guess what it might be.

There are four wineries on the island of Ibiza, all making hand-crafted wine on a small scale. The Vino de la Tierra de Ibiza (one step below Denominación de Origen on the Spanish wine quality ladder) indicates that the 5 main varieties grown there are Macabeo, Parellada, Malvasia, Chardonnay, and Moscatel. The best ones are supposedly the Macabeo’s, which are straw colored and have a lemony, apple-y flavor going on. 

So maybe Diddy’s rocking some Macabeo. Sounds refreshing. And I’m jealous.


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