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wine pops: best summer invention ever

I love boats. I used to joke that instead of having an open drink that would splash all over me when I was on the high seas (or, the ocean waters off of Connecticut) that we should make frozen wine popsicles. Well, my dreams have come true!!!

there’s wine in here!

Kim Crawford teamed up with People’s Pops to make three super delicious frozen ice pops made with their wine! From their Sauvignon Blanc, which is very zesty and grapefruity in the typical New Zealand style, they made a Strawberry Lemongrass and a Yellow Peach & Vanilla pop. Tried them both, loved them both. Then they took some of their Pinot Noir, which I’ve had far less but is quite smooth and black cherry, they made a Blackberry pop. (I had a pop in one hand and a glass of the Pinot in the other so I couldn’t snap a pic. sorry.)

happy popper

Before you get wildly ecstatic about the wine element of these, they only have 20% wine in them – “infused” is the term they use. Apparently you can’t freeze the pops if there’s more alcohol than that. Needless to say, you’re going to have to lick a lot of pops to get any real buzz on. They’re still very fun though.

holy wine popsicles errazurizMeanwhile, I also recently saw these other wine popsicles made by Sebastian Errazuriz. He’s a Chilean-born artist who made 100 “Christian Popsicles” made of “frozen holy wine transformed into the blood of Christ” with a crucifix on the wooden sticks. The sticks get stained red from the wine after you eat them, and are meant to symbolize the relationship between fanaticism and religious violence.

The Kim Crawford pops don’t quite go there. And I bet they taste wayyy better too! Also, I suggested they make a black cherry one out of the Pinot Noir next, since cherry is the classic Pinot Noir fruit flavor. They seemed to like the idea, so who knows! I can only dream of one day having my very own Grapefriend Pop…


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