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WTF indeed

I really hate the term “millennials” but that doesn’t mean I hate them. Here are a few awesome things I’ve learned in my grapey travels (aka research) that make my palate smile:

they love wine

“37% of Millennials say beer is their drink of choice, compared to 41% of Generation Xers. The shift is toward wine; 24% of Millennials cite wine as their preferred drink, compared to 16% of the older group, a surprising contrast since drinkers tend to move toward wine as they grow older.” (source)

they drink it a lot

“35% of Millennials between the ages of 25-34 drink wine at least once a month, repping the second largest age group of wine drinkers. The largest age group of wine drinkers are individuals between the ages of 55-64, of which 35.2% drink one at least once a month.” (source)

they’re not cheap. or boring.

“Millennials most closely mirror what the council terms ‘high-end wine buyers’ (meaning people of all ages who buy bottles priced at more than $20 at least once a month). Like high-end wine buyers, millennials are more likely than other demographics to try wines they’ve never heard of before, more likely to consult wine reviews and more likely to visit wine bars.”  (source)

crap wine is getting marketed to them

Just because you’re young and/or don’t know much about wine doesn’t mean liquid barf should be poured into your glass. But with names like LMAO!!! Pinot Grigio and WTF!!! Pinot Noir – too easy to make a joke here. But anyone can drink a lot better than these, without spending a lot more.

they don’t know much about it

“This young group of wine drinkers is only 0.2% behind their elder counterparts, yet many wineries lack in the areas of true engagement of this powerful demographic and how the group wants to interact with wineries and brands in general.” (source)

This is where grapefriend has to step in. Many wineries are using social media effectively. Many (maybe most) aren’t – and this is the way you’ll reach anyone about anything from now on. You can’t expect people to find you anymore, you have to find them. Seek them out, teach them about different grapes, and make it fun!


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