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jimmy fallon’s cheeky wine

jimmy fallon comedy album coverJimmy Fallon debuted the cover of his new comedy album, which comes out this summer. He’s lounging by a fireplace, pants-less but drinking a glass of red wine.

“It’s just a guy relaxing at home,” he said on his show. “He has a nice glass of wine. … Started listening to the album and his pants blew off.”

All fine and good, but grapefriends just want to know what kind of wine he’s drinking! No word (or even flip comment) on that. But I’m going to venture a guess: Malbec.

Here’s why: Jimmy’s wife is best buds and production partners with Drew Barrymore, who just released her own Barrymore wine. It’s a Pinot Grigio from Italy, which as we know is white. But Drew told Wine Spectator that her favorite red is Malbec, and she might be into adding a red wine to the Barrymore line. Malbec is a bold red with blackberry and dark plum flavors, but usually pretty rustic. It used to be one of the main grapes in a Bordeaux blend but has been phased out and now rocks solo in Argentina, which is Drew implored, “Please, somebody from Argentina come find me!”

Maybe Jimmy is drinking the greatest Malbec he’s ever had and that’s why his pants are off. At least that’s grapefriend’s theory.


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