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happy albariño day!

One of my favorite summer wines is getting celebrated today! Albariño is so perfect for my favorite season because it’s light, zippy and pairs so amazingly well with seafood. It mainly comes from Rías Baixas (REE-ahss BY-shuss), which is located in Galicia in northwest Spain.

So what are you in for with this wine? A good time! It’s one of those really awesome zesty, crispy, tangy wines with great lime and grapefruit flavors. Some even have a touch of saline to them – it gets a little influenced from being so close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Today’s the first ever Albariño Day, and you can celebrate by using the hashtag #AlbarinoDay and tweeting to @RiasBaixasWines to join the conversation as you drink away.

There’s even an Albariño Explorers Club where you can learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about this grape (and more), share your love with other fans, explore food pairings, and check out producers, restaurants or wine bars that sell the wines.

I love made-up wine holidays!


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