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vogue approves stained clothes, as long as it’s wine!

coco rocha elizabeth taylor givenchy wine stain Met Ball Costume Institute GalaLast night was the Met Ball, and model Coco Rocha wore a wine-stained yellow suit. Normally when considering this as an option for a ball you’d just think “used,” “stained” and “ew” but Vogue approved it all. Why? Because it was vintage Givenchy, and because it belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

Coco bought it at the Elizabeth Taylor auction last December for $3250, and couldn’t get the stain out despite dry cleaning it.

Coco told USA Today, “If you look carefully, you can see the suit has this very faint red wine stain on it. After I had it cleaned I took it to show the editors at Vogue and we could still see the stain. We all agreed that since it was Liz Taylor’s wine stain, it’s OK to wear as is.” Then she told People, “They were like, ‘It’s fine! It’s an Elizabeth Taylor wine stain — deal with it!’”

On the carpet, she told WWD, “Yes, this is the red wine-stained Liz Taylor jumpsuit, hence the Coco Rocha long hair!” So maybe the stain was on the top area near the shoulder, which would make sense because some tall Rock Hudson dude would’ve probably spilled it on E Tay there.

If only we knew what kind of wine it was. I can approve like a Lafite stain, but what if it was just some cheapo Two-Buck-Chuck-type of swill? Coco apparently didn’t need grapefriend’s approval. My standards would’ve been way harsher.

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