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mad men wine: tomorrow never knows

I thought we were on a major grape swing after last week’s whopping 9 glasses of wine. But next week never knows what will happen, and at the 45 minute mark we were still totally wine-less.

mad men megan boeuf bourgignonBut leave it to Francophile Megan to save the day! Really coming around on her. She was cooking some Boeuf Bourguignon, a classic French dish perfected by Julia Child whose recipe called for “3 cups of a full-bodied, young red wine.” Bourguignon means from Burgundy, so you’d think you’d make it with Pinot Noir. However, Julia suggested the following, for cooking or pairing: Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône, Bordeaux (St. Emilion), or Burgundy. Those suggestions are sort of all over the place though: Côtes du Rhône (made from Syrah) and Bordeaux (mostly Merlot and Cabernet) are full-bodied, but Beaujolais (made from Gamay) and Burgundy (Pinot Noir) are pretty light.

Megan was cooking with what looked to be a Burgundy (you can tell by the fat sloping shoulders of the bottle), and there’s a glass poured out next to the pot – the only way to cook. I missed this glass when first watching but voracious grapefriend Abby corrected me STAT – phew, we were almost completely wine-less.

mad men pete beth hotel champagneWe then saw Pete waiting for Beth in the hotel room with some Champagne (looks like it could be Bollinger) on ice. Pete’s always drinking Champagne when he’s  not having a cocktail, but obviously none of it was drunk since she never showed. And as we know, bubbly doesn’t count in the wine count anyway!

Undrunk wine = the death symbolism this season is out of control! Someone last night said they just picked up on all the death symbolism. Really??? This season could practically be The Walking Dead.

Anyway, we have one glass this episode – skimpy, but I’ll take it.

Mad Men season 5 wine count: 18


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